Wednesday, 14 October 2015 14:50

Education in The UK

We work with clients from all over the world to assist them in accessing the finest educational opportunities available. Bringing together a wealth of personal experience in terms of educational achievement, and an extensive understanding of the British education system, we are ideally placed to support all clients in achieving their goals.

Consultants work to develop a unique and personalised academic path, incorporating all support necessary to assist pupils as they progress through their schooling. Following an in-depth academic assessment and consultation, we can provide candid, appropriate and targeted recommendations, in a wide range of academic contexts.

Whether you seek to enter a leading private school, gain admittance to Oxford, Cambridge or another world-ranking University, or secure a place on a leading MBA programme, we can maximise the chances of applicants’ success.

With increasing numbers of applicants for a limited number of places at top schools, the competition for entry has grown significantly. With consultants who have been educated at leading British schools, as well as many who have taught within the independent sector, we can provide a unique insight into admissions systems which are often challenging.

Consultants work closely with pupils to select a range of Universities at which they will have a strong chance of gaining admittance. We provide support throughout the application process, giving pupils all necessary guidance to maximize their chances of success.

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